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Neuchatel Chemie Specialties, based in Mumbai, India, is a leading manufacture,exporter and Supplier of chemicals. Our array of products includes chemical intermediates and perfumery chemicals amongst others.


Established in 2001, Neuchatel Chemie Specialties specializing in the manufacture and export of chemicals, has cultivated a large international market. The company manufactures a wide range of chemicals such as Quinoline derivatives, Aldehydes & Ketones, Ninhydrin, Aromatic halides and  perfumery chemicals.

Empowered with expertise and sound knowledge, we have leveraged a network of clients across the globe. Excellent quality, competitive price and punctual delivery and correct packaging  are some of the attributes which have enabled us to pitch for a wider client base.

We as an organization have integrated professional expertise which gives us an edge over others in the competitive business environment. We have assembled a team of expert scientists and chemists and experienced personnels to address our clients' key objectives, risks and potential.

Product Catalogue

NoChemical Structure Product NameCAS No.Purity (Min.)Use
1Diphenylmethane[101-81-5]99%Pharma, Agro, Specility Perfumery
2Cyclohexyl Phenyl acetonitrile[3893-23-0]98%Pharma, Agro
33,3'-Diphenyl Propionitrile[2286-54-6]98%Pharma, Agro
43-Nitro-4-Methoxy aniline[577-22-0]98% Specility
5Methyl Sec.-Butyl ketone OR 3-Methyl-2-Pentanone [565-61-7]95%Specility
63,7-Dimethyl Octyl amine[13887-74-6]98%Specility
72-Benzyl cyclohexylamine [72436-51-2]98% Specility
8Dimethyl-5-Sodiosulpho isophthalate[3965-55-7]99%
Additive in Polyester and nylon fibre synthesis, Intermediate
95-Lithiosulfo Isophthalic Acid[46728-75-0]91%
Additive in Polyester and nylon fibre synthesis, Intermediate
105-Sodiosulfo Isophthalic acid[6362-79-4]99%
Additive in Polyester and nylon fibre synthesis, Intermediate
115-Hydroxy Isophthalic acid[618-83-7]99%
Additive in Polyester and nylon fibre synthesis, Intermediate
127-Chloro-2-Methyl quinoline
7-Chloro quinaldine
[4965-33-7]98%Pharma, Speciality chemicals
13Hexanoic acid allyl ester
Allyl caproate
[123-68-2] 98%Flavours and perfumery
14Heptanoic acid allyl ester
Allyl Heptanoate
[142-19-8]98%Flavours and perfumery
15Syringa aldehyde
4'-Methylphenyl acetaldehyde
[104-09-6]98% (50% soln.) Perfumery
16Dimethyl adipate
Adipic acid dimethyl ester
[627-93-0] 98%Specility
n-Hexyl n-Propyl carbinol
18Acetophenone[98-86-2]99%Pharma, Intermediate Perfumery
194'-Hydroxy acetophenone s[99-93-4]98%Pharma Agro
204'-Chloro acetophenone [99-91-2]96%Pharma Agro
21Propiophenone[93-55-0]98%Pharma Agro
224'-Chloro propiophenone[6285-05-8]98%Pharma Agro
234'-Methyl acetophenone[122-00-9]98%Pharma
241-Naphthyl Methyl ketone
25Hydrogenated Castor Oil (POWDER)
Fine PowderSpeciality (as Thickening agent)
26Ninhydrin [ACS grade][485-47-2]99%Analytical reagent (amino acid detection)
27Blue Tetrazolium Chloride
Tetrazolium Blue Chloride
[1871-22-3]95% Staining Reagent
28Nitrotetrazolium Blue Chloride Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Chloride Monohydrate
Or Nitro BT Or
Nitrotetrazolium Blue Chloride monohydrate
[298-83-9]90%Staining Reagent

» Acids, Aldehydes & Ketones
NoStructureNameCAS #Purity (Min.)Application
1Methylvaleric Acid2-Methylvaleric acid
2-Methyl pentanoic acid
33-Methylvaleric acid
3-Methylpentanoic acid
4Maleic acid[110-16-7]99%Pharma
52-n-Heptyl cyclopentanon[110-16-7]98%Specility
62-n-Hexyl cyclopentanone[13074-65-2] 98%Specility
7Cyclopentanone[120-92-3]98%Specility, Pharma

» Chlorides & Bromides
NoStructureNameCAS #Purity (Min.)Application
1Bromoacetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal
Intermediate 98% Intermediate
22-Bromoethyl Phenyl Ether [7252-83-7]98%Intermediate
32,3-Dibromo Ethyl Propionate[3674-13-3]97%Intermediate
4Br-(CH2)15-COOH16- Bromohexadecanoic acid[2536-35-8]95% Speciality
53-Phenylpropyl Chloride
1-Chloro-3-Phenyl propane
[104-52-9]98% Intermediate
6Phenylpropyl bromide3-Phenylpropyl Bromide
[637-59-2]98% Intermediate

» Phthalimide Derivatives
NoStructureNameCAS #Purity (Min.)Application
1N-(2-Bromoethyl) Phthalimide [574-98-1]98%Pharma, Intermediate
2N-(3-Bromopropyl) Phthalimide [5460-29-7]98%Pharma, Intermediate
3N-(4-Bromobutyl) Phthalimide [5394-18-3]98%Pharma, Intermediate
4Chloro Phthalimide N-Chloro Phthalimide [3481-09-2] 98%Pharma, Intermediate
5N-Hydroxy Phthalimide [524-38-9]98%Pharma, Intermediate
6N-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Phthalimide [3891-07-4]98%Pharma, Intermediate
7Hydroxymethyl Phthalimide N-Hydroxymethyl Phthalimide [118-29-6]98%Pharma, Intermediate
8Methyl Phthalimide 4-Nitro-N-Methyl Phthalimide [41663-84-7] 98%Pharma, Intermediate
9N-Methyl PhthalimideN-Methyl Phthalimide [550-44-7] 98%Pharma, Intermediate

» Quinolines
NoStructureNameCAS #Purity (Min.)Application
16-Methyl quinoline[91-62-3]99%Perfumery
26-Isopropyl quinoline[135-79-5]99%Perfumery
32-Isobutyl quinoline[93-19-6]99%Perfumery
4Butyl quinoline6-Sec.Butyl quinoline[65442-31-1]
99% (6+8 isomer mixture) Perfumery
5Tert butyl-quinoline.gif6-tert.Butyl quinoline[68141-13-9]99%Perfumery
6Quinoline[91-22-5]98%Pigments, Pharma, Speciality chemicals,
7Methyl quinoline2-Methyl quinoline
91-63-4]99%Pigments, Pharma, Speciality chemicals
8Lipidine4-Methyl quinoline
[491-35-0]99%Pharma, Speciality chemicals
92-Carboxy quinolic acid
Quinaldic acid
[93-10-7]99%Pharma, Peptide synthesis
106-Carboxy quinolic acid
Quinoline-6-carboxylic acid
[10349-57-2]99%Pharma, Peptide synthesis
112-Methyl-6-Carboxy-quinolic acid
99%Pharma, Peptide synthesis
127-Chloro-2-Methyl quinoline
7-Chloro quinaldine
[4965-33-7]98%Pharma, Speciality chemicals
138-Amino-2-Methyl quinoline
8-Amino Quinaldine
[18978-78-4]98%Pigment, Pharma
14Amino Quinoline6-Amino Quinoline[580-15-4] 98%
158-Amino Quinoline
16{short description of image}2-(Chloromethyl) quinoline
17Hydroxy Quinaldine8-Hydroxy-2-Methyl quinoline
8-Hydroxy Quinaldine

Our Strengths

In Chemical industry quality is not just a jargon but a keyword, therefore each and every member of our QC team shares the concept of total quality management. Our quality assurance includes development of analytical methods, chemical stability, validated analytical methods and ensuring minimum impurities. We believe in investing in our human resources. Continuous training and appraisal within the organization assure quality products and service in the scheduled period.

We have a manufacturing plant near Mumbai-the commercial capital of India. It is well equipped with state-of-the-art devices. We have in-house Research & Development, Quality control  units. And company's basic strength is its dedicated and skilled work force of chemists, scientists and researchers, with whose support we are storming ahead as a market leader.

Research and Development
Our absolute commitment to research and development has seen us meet the changing and demanding needs of the chemical industry. R&D has been the company's driving force towards success with state-of-the-art facilities available for new research development so that there is continuous product innovation and quality improvement. We constantly strive to refine existing products. Our laboratories and research department are constantly working in sync to assure that our products are as per the international standards.

Why Us ?

  • Committed and experienced pool of chemical experts and scientists.
  • Wide product range at competitive prices.
  • A large client-base world-wide.
  • Emphasis on forging long-term relationships and associations.


We have  some of the best known names in the industry as our clients. Our long list of satisfied clients speaks volumes of our growth in the chemical business. By and large, we have received repeat orders and done continual assignments for our Indian and Global clients.

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